Tuesday, 26 June 2012

And they are in!

What can I say, today's transfer went really well, 2 of my embabies are now in my uterus and hopefully will make it their home for the next 9 months.

I'm so tired and I have a bad cough that I hope it will help implantation since I'm not allowed taking anything for it because I'm PUPO!!!

Bed rest is hard with a toddler jumping on the bed but I'm doing my best trying to take it easy.

It's done! I am finally here, there's nothing else I can do than hope 1 or 2 will stick and will become part of our beautiful family.

Thank you for all your lovely comments. I will POAS on the 8th of July which now seems so far away. But my wife doesn't want me to go into the POAS craze!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Nearly there

So here I am hoping that my embabies are growing nicely and getting ready for my tranfer on tuesday. I am not feeling great, I have a sore throat but hopefully it will be gone by Tuesday.
Not much to report, I am keeping busy with my daughter and reading other blogs, the plan is to tranfer on Tuesday at 4pm which is good so I can still go to work and just leave early and I took Wednesday off, I bought pineapple and brazilian nuts, I plan to soak my feet in hot water once a day and I downloaded the first Hunger Games on my Kindle and plan to read in bed, I don't remember the last time I did that, now we are so tired that when we go to bed we fall asleep straight away. 

So I am super ready, I feel ready, I really want this. I really want this to work. Finger crossed everything will go well this time.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Apparently my lining is just perfect

And I couldn't be happier! Today was my last u/s before the FET and the nurse was very happy with me. I can stop with the Buserelin injections (yey) and will start the progesterone on thursday. Apparently tomorrow I should receive a call from the Lab about my embryos, from what I understood they are going to thaw them all (my 13 emababies) and will grow them to blastocyst (day five) and then transfer. The nurse told me that not all of them will get to the day 5 stage but I really hope we will have at least two to tranfer next tuesday!

So my embabies are on my mind all the time now. It's just so amazing to think that they can do that.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Waiting and waiting

Not much to report, just to say that my lining is good, just above 8 (mm I think) and the nurse was happy with that. No change to the mediacation until next tuesday when I will go back in for one last u/s and then FET is scheduled for the 26 of this month. Less than two weeks to my tranfer!

Now all I can think of is should I take time off work? Bed rest yes or no? I asked the nurse today and she said no bed rest, just take it easy but nearly all of you guys are on bed rest for at least 2 days after transfer.
oooohhhhhh...I will see, I might talk to my RE about it.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Nearly there

Tomorrow is my second baseline u/s and I hope all is well down there, I am injecting less buserelin this week and didn't have any headaches, I started taking Estrofem last thursday and I'm still not sure if there is a connection but on friday I developed some kind of rash in my mouth, on the gums and the intern of my lips, very weird not painful but quite annoying. Anyway I rang my RE and she thinks it's got nothing to do with mediactions so I just waited patiently for it to go away and today it's nearly gone. Yey for me keeping calm!

I am so happy about Christine BFP this evening! Congratulations girls! You did it!!!

Will be back with more news tomorrow after the appointment.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Headaches and bad mood

I know the title is not really positive but just to let you know today I am actually doing ok, the past fews day I woke up with a headache and went to bed with an headache, It has been quite a nightmare, I also felt really tired all the time and every little thing was annoying me. Side effect of the Buserelin injections apparently.

On top of all that today was my first u/s to check my lining and my ovaries. They left me in the waiting room for so long I was going to ask them if I could leave I was so mad at them. (bad mood is another side effect of Buserelin). Finally the nurse called me in, she was the one the was looking after me when I had OHSS so she was delighted to see me. I was too nervous to even smile.

First she checked my lining and said it looked good. Yey! Then she went on my right ovary and found some fluid near it. I felt sick, oh no I thought, but then she went on saying it was ok, nothing to worry about. She also found a 10mm follicle probably leftover from IVF#1. Then she went on my left and I was really worried because for the past 2 days I had a pain in my right ovary but she said everything looked fine! Oh, what a relief!

So today I started my Estrofem and Aspirin and from tomorrow I will reduce the Buserelin from 0.5 to 0.3, hopefully that means less side effects.

I will go back next thursday for another u/s, the countdown has officially started. 19 days till my FET. I can't wait!!!