Monday, 29 October 2012

Half way and it's a ...

So, here I am, well I should say here we are, feeling better even though still nauseous in the evening but definitely better. 20 weeks, half way through this pregnancy. Wow! How did we do it little one?

We went for our anatomy scan last Thursday. I was so nervous. We were waiting for ages but then a lovely nurse called us. She went through all the little perfect part of your body and reassured me that you looked great! Right on scheduled, actually measuring ahead 20w3d and I was worried my belly was too tiny ; ) At the end she asked us if we wanted to know...we said yes. And...

 It's a BOY!!!

I'm so so happy. I knew from the beginning that only a boy could make me so sick and all them spots there was definitely something masculine growing inside me! DW was hoping for another girl, it would have made things easy perhaps but actually we are now so excited to be dealing with a little boy. I think our daughter is the most precious little girl I've ever met so I'm happy we won't compare her because it's going to be totally different. Because it's a BOY!!!

I think he's smiling at us!

And with this happiness and joy I leave you with a belly shot: 

Happy Halloween everybody!