Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Just to let you all know, I am still pregnant! This is all quite frustrating since we are really looking forward to meet this little guy! We are all tired of waiting around and being asked if I gave birth by everybody! I am like Hello can you not see the huge bump?!?
In fairness I am feeling ok, better than in the 1st and 2nd trimester would you believe it? All day sickness really killed me, at least now I can eat whatever I want and enjoy it! I can go for long walks, I am reading a lot (thanks pregnancy insomnia!) and watching movies. And of course I am waiting...and thinking, and I am a bit scared (remember this baby has a big head!) but have a good feeling about giving birth, so trying to be as positive as I can!
So no contractions, no signs of labour whatsoever, I sat on chair today and it broke! Suddenly I was on the floor!!! Maybe that will bring on labour???


  1. Wow, glad you are feeling good. C'mon little one! Make your appearance already! :D

  2. Hopefully things will get moving soon ;). All the best and looking forward to hearing all about it on the other side!

  3. i've been thinking about you!! i hope that you're holding your precious baby right now and if not, that you're feeling as good as possible! sending so much love. <3<3<3