Saturday, 29 September 2012

Still waiting

Yes I am still waiting for the day all the mums are talking about, the one where the nausea magically disappear and the energy comes back and you start to glow etc...ehm. No. 

Not happening here. Even though my allday sickness has definitely improved and now I am only sick in the evening and not as much, I am not puking dinner but I am still kind of queasy : ( I have to admit that I am starting to enjoy cooking again, I am craving spicy indian food and curries so that's what we are eating most of the time. No more spagnettis for a while!

I am still hating meat. I cannot even think about it. I used to be a vegetarian and I started eating meat when trying to get pregnant but since I am now pregnant the though of a steak ...blah. Gross. So I am taking iron tablets and they're great! I got some energy back, bed time is now 10pm instead of 8 ; ) And I can do more stuff during the day.

I am not glowing though, my face is covered in red spots instead. Bloody hormons.

I am still on my antisickness tablets only I cut it to 1 a day instead of 2.

Belly is growing, clothes are getting tight and we still don't know the gender, last night I dreamed it was a little girl, we called her Anna Rose and she had red hair, she was beautiful and she was playing in the swimming pool with Isabella, our first daughter. 

We will know next month, with Isabella I was convinced it was a boy and I was obviously wrong but then I wasn't carrying her, my DW kind of knew it was a girl all the time.

What else? Ah we did the NT scan and we got very good results so I feel more relaxed about it. Sometimes I still find myself praying and worrying that this baby is going to be ok. But then most of the time life takes over and our 2 years old needs me all the time so I cannot really focus on this little one too much, which is a pity because I remember with Isabella we were so into the whole pregnancy journal, belly shots and buying cute clothes. With this one if I get the time to read the notification of what's going on in my belly on the babycentre app it'sa miracle.

We announced the pregnancy last week on FB and Twitter and Instagram, yes, I have all possible apps and I used to be quite connected, I used to...before becoming Miss Pukey, anyway this is what we went with:

We bought the T-shirt from Etsy, here's the link if you are interested.


Mamma V.